nisekoLabs is building
your website

Now that we have your design we get to work building your website.
We might still want your input from time to time - leave the rest to us!

Feel free to read on about some things we take care of during the build process.

Responsive Website

It may not have been highly requested as part of the design process but building a website that can be accessed by all media devices is just standard in the modern world. The ability to present your website to as big a target audience as possible through a responsive website is as important to nisekoLabs as building the website as well.

Accessible Friendly

At nisekoLabs we believe the internet and websites should be accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore a lot of time is taken to keep up to industry standards when it comes to accessability. Therefore aside from being able to make multilingual websites, there is also a proactive effort in making websites easier to access through other means.


niskoLabs ensures that should you want to build your websites in multiple languages then it can be done without any hassles. Although nisekoLabs operates primarily in English and Japanese, we are more than happy to talk about creating your website in as many languages as you want.

Search Engine Ready

One of the finer but critical details in having a website is making sure it is easy to find on the internet. That is why we make sure every website has the correct meta data (information about your website) set up so all the search engines will find it with ease.

Easy to edit/scale

We understand your website as being a commitment. It should grow as your business grows, and change as you need it to. To ensure your website does the same nisekoLabs creates your website with easy ability to edit, and scale as required.

Securely Hosted

Our top priority - before your website is even made. We ensure we use industry grade cloud servers along with best practises to ensure your websites are always safe for everyone involved.

Your website is almost ready!

We can start hosting your website now. Before we sign off the website we will run a series of test on it to ensure we are happy with the standard it is built to.

Here are the range of technologies that we generally use to build your website. If you have any questions regarding any of these methods we use please feel free to get in touch.